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Some shoots just require more than a photo inside of a portfolio to appreciate them fully.  Some have such a powerful story, or require multiple images of the same shoot to get the feel of the atmosphere. Other photo shoots become good studies of a subject, and combining multiple shoots into one "spotlight" piece makes for good viewing.


You'll find some of these photos mixed into the portfolio section of my website, but here, you'll find out just a bit more about these photos. Many of these photos are my favorites- not because they are my best photos, but because of the stories behind them. I hope you'll enjoy them nearly as much as me.

Enter the Spotlight Gallery.

One of the last clear nights of the summer gave me the perfect opportunity to "discover" the Milky Way recently.


This photo is taken in Pacific City, Oregon. It is of Haystack Rock, which sits nearly a mile out to sea on the Pacific Ocean. It is actually the tallest of the haystack rocks in Oregon and debate-ably the tallest in the United States.


For you photo nerds out there, its a 20 second exposure, at f2.8, ISO 3200.


The rock, formerly called Chief Kiwanda Rock, is definitely one of my favorite subjects to photograph. For more, go here.

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